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The best rain shower head types
Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Guide
How to install a shower curtain rod
How to start remodeling a small bathroom
First step into bedroom renovation journey
First step into bathroom renovation journey

The best rain shower head types

If you have just started remodeling your bathroom, one of the cheapest investments you should make is buying a shower head. They are cheap and there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t buy a new one.

Today there is a large selection of rain shower heads to choose from. Weather you are interested in a classic look, or want a more sophisticated design for your bathroom. There are a many different models, shapes, sizes of rain shower heads to choose from, there are even a few modern designs, for those of us that like a more exotic look.

As with anything these days your decision on the type and style of rain shower head will primarily be determined by price. You can either keep it on the cheap, but still get that quality spa like experience. Or if money is no object you can get yourself a more innovative rain shower head that is actually integrated into the ceiling of your shower, for a high end minimalist look.

What ever you are looking for in a new rain shower head please use what we have found on the vast world wide web to get informed and make an educated desion. Enjoy and happy hunting.

The Traditional Rain Shower Head

The most “classic” and traditional style of rain shower heads is the round chrome rain shower head. This beautifully styled model offers a clean old world look, and if you find one with Cast nozzles, will deliver precise water stream control and even pressure, as opposed to a “hole punched” design. You should also look for this type of rain shower head to be constructed out of solid brass, as this would indicate the unit is of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

This classic head can usually be found in sizes of 10 inch, 8 inch, and 5 1/2 inch. All of which give a very impressive look to you bathroom and also give that awesome, gentle, rain shower feel.

Another traditionally styled rain shower head would be that of the porcelain variety.
This elegant look combines chrome plated brass with durable porcelain for a graceful high end design. These heads usually just come in 6 inch size due to the weight of solid porcelain

The Designer Rain Shower Head

A designer styled rain shower head is more geared towards giving that unique, attractive look and feel. A “Two Tone” head accomplishes this by seamlessly melding chrome bodies with polished brass nozzles and delivering a beautiful show peace style of a rain shower head.

Another model that would fit into the designer class would be one that is a bit of a chameleon. You see it is designed to look like a standard shower head but performs like a rain shower head. This unit is a larger than the it’s old school inspiration, which allows room for more nozzles, and more nozzles equals outstanding rain shower feel.

An added bonus to this type of rain shower head is it can easily be mounted on you existing shower arms which in turn will save you money.

The Modern Rain Shower Head

Contemporary styling and exotic looks round out this category of rain shower heads. There are a few impressive heads to choose from all of which will give your bathroom a bold new look, and attention grabbing refinement.

These modern rain shower heads come in many different shapes, finishes, and features, all of which can be installed easily. You should have no problem finding that perfect and unique rain shower head for your contemporary bathroom renovation.


A special thanks to Melanie Wilson from Pick my Shower for contributing to our community with her article! You can expect more articles about shower heads in the near future!

Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Guide

When deciding to remodel a kitchen there are a lot of different choices available for the items you use. The basic faucet is one example of some items that have a lot of options available for use. There is the pull out kitchen faucet, which can be styled like the traditional stationary one, but has a head portion which can be extended. This particular type of extension faucet usually comes on a retractable cord of some type. When it is in place it looks like any other type of faucet fixture.

A variation on this style is the snake design. This is a separate faucet piece which may be used in combination with a standard style fixture to give you the benefit of both designs. This separate styled unit will come with its own spray lever you hold to allow the water to come through the unit. It is often placed on the side of the standard fixture and requires its own separate hole in the sink. Many of the new designs for the style of faucet you can pull out include designs in chrome. They are also available in many of the top names for plumbing such as Pfister and Kohler.

The advantage to using this particular style is the ability to rinse off dishes easier. You don’t have to try to fit large pots or pans in between your faucet and your sink to get them rinsed. The spray hose allows the water to come to where you need it. It also allows for better direction of water. It is a good style to have in a kitchen or a bath area. It can make doing small chores such as washing your hair, washing a pet or even bathing a small infant, much easier to do.

In addition to the chrome finish you might see these items in brushed nickel, bronze or even stainless steel. The new stainless steel design would work well in a modern kitchen constructed with stainless counters and appliances. The pull style also is great for rinsing off fresh fruits and vegetables. You can find the item in styles that include water saving utilities to help your home be more energy efficient. These items will be found at most major retail stores that carry plumbing items as well as home improvement retailers. The price for the product will depend on the brand, the style and the finish on the piece.

How to install a shower curtain rod

It’s funny how such a little thing can make so many problems if you don’t know how to handle it. We got this question into our mailbox and we decided to give you the best answer we can. What is a shower curtain rod exactly? It is the last thing you install when you are putting up a shower curtain. Rods come in varieties and you can choose the one that will be convenient for your bathroom and style.

Spring loaded telescopic rods are available. These are the easiest to install, you do not need any measurement for this or make holes in the wall to install. All you have to do is put the curtain on the rod and position the rod at the appropriate height and twist it to the required length. Ensure that the rod is at right angles to the wall so that it does not fall off and that the rod fits tightly between the walls.

For mounted shower curtain rod, you got to have the exact measurement, since you will have to punch holes in the wall. Take the exact measurement of the height of the rod. You can determine this by keeping the lower edge of the curtain a couple of inches above the top edge of the tub. Then mark the height on either wall. When you mark the walls you should use a level to keep the rod straight. Then punch holes in the wall and mount the brackets to the wall. If you have a drywall then use anchors. With the brackets in place just thread the rod through the curtain and fit the rod into the brackets.


If you want to add style to your curtain there are several ways of doing so. When you let the curtain hang, it can be just hang simply, but when you draw the curtain back you can do something about it that will add a new dimension to your bathroom. To do that you might need extra length to your curtain. You have to either sew that extra part to the curtain or you have to look for lengthier curtain. This way you will have more curtain to work with.

If you want to swag your shower curtain you will have to have a hook on the wall positioned half way between the shower rod and floor. With the help of a rope or some fancy fabric; tie up the curtain fabric after gathering it to one side. Tie a fancy knot to give it a different look. Adjust the curtain any way to give it a more dynamic look. The shower liner can either be left hanging as it is or you can hide it behind the shower curtain. By trial and error method you can reach at a satisfactory style that you want for your bathroom shower curtain.

How to start remodeling a small bathroom

Remodeling bathroom requires through planning, whether the size of the bathroom is big or small. In fact smaller the bathroom, more the planning it requires in order to transform it into a comfortable place to use. When you plan you should take into consideration whether the bathroom will be used by the family members or by the guests. If the bathroom is to be used by the family members regularly then you have to emphasize your remodeling on the functionality of the bathroom. And if a small number of guests are going to use it occasionally then you can decide more on fashion than function. You have to select fixtures accordingly.

Many homes have separate bathroom for the children. If such a bathroom exists in your home you should think of installing a high capacity toilet. Children have the habit of flushing down anything they fancy down the toilet. Even small toys are not spared. Therefore if you install high capacity toilet the chances of toilet clogging will be much less. Other fixtures in such a bathroom should also be child-proof and long lasting. For ease of cleaning you should consider installing one piece toilet in such a bathroom. Varieties of such one piece toilet are available that are very easy to clean due to the absence of the gap between the seat and the tank.

For your master bathroom you should replace the old toilet with an efficient model that will use less of water. Similarly, you should replace the sink, shower and tub fixtures. You can remodel the bathroom in such a way that two people can use it at the same time without disturbing each other.

In case you have a shower in your small bathroom, paint the walls with some humidity resistant paint. Wallpapering may add style but will not last long due to moisture and if you have a steam shower the wallpaper will certainly peel off after sometimes. Re-papering will be an expensive affair then. To reduce moisture you can install an exhaust fan. Be sure to choose a fan that will remove humidity and stale air efficiently without using much power.

Small bathrooms are darker inside. You can think of installing extra lights in order to brighten up the interior. If the bathroom is primarily for the use of guests you can choose intimate lighting design.

Small bathroom does not mean you have to think small when remodeling. You can have all the features of a big bathroom in it albeit in a limited way. If you search properly you will find ways and means to make it look and feel big.

First step into bedroom renovation journey

Having a good bedroom not only makes a buyer`s room look better, but it makes their spouse and other members of the family practically jealous of the user. In what ways would someone want to improve their bedroom, and what parts of the bedroom could actually be renovated? This review is going to give buyers information needed when wanting to improve their current bedroom, or someone else`s bedroom.

So why would someone actually want a better bedroom, and what is the buyer`s intended purpose for having one. Is it to impress your spouse or other family member? Maybe they want to make their kid`s room look better. Or maybe they are performing bedroom renovations as a business and know all the ins and outs of this practice. Whatever the reasoning is, buyers should consider different brands and prices before buying.

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As for items when doing bedroom renovations; what part of the room do users want to improve? Maybe they want to fix that hole in their wall. Maybe they want to add different light bulbs to the ceiling. Maybe even add a new fan in their bedroom. But whatever the case, the point is that the buyer is getting the best room at the lowest cost available. The problem with bedroom renovations is that the prices can be extremely expensive when buying the items needed for bedroom renovations.

Depending on the item of your bedroom that the user would like to improve, there are different methods for almost every object.


Let`s say your current wall paper is torn, it was hung in the 1980s and users feel it is time for an upgrade. Bedroom renovations on the user`s walls can be useful for many purposes. Maybe the user has scratched walls or walls with holes in them. And there are many items in which users can buy to make their walls look better.


The improvement of a user`s ceiling has many options. They can decorate their ceiling in any type of way that they want. The standard color for a bedroom ceiling is generally a basic white, or whatever color matches the current user`s wall color. Users can even add ceiling fans to their ceiling which will not only look good for decoration, but it will give them extra lighting, and a cool breeze that is useful when keeping the room cold.


Most users carpet`s generally have a unique style of carpet primarily because it makes the room looks better, and/or keeps you padded in case you fall off the bed, right? Well 75 percent of the people reading this review have some sort of carpet in their current house`s bedrooms, and it is very important that this carpet looks good, while feeling comfortable.


One of the forgotten features of a bedroom is the closet. How often do we pay attention to the looks of our closet? We usually don`t worry about the looks of our closet because no one generally ever sees this closet, but it is important that your closet has the proper materials needed to hold your clothing and other accessories. And then users have to pay careful attention the doors of the closet. People see these doors so it is very important that these doors look good.

First step into bathroom renovation journey

Our bathrooms can generally become old or simply boring to look at it, and people want their homes to look the best they can make them. But exactly how do users get a good looking bathroom, and how much would it cost? Most people that have good bathrooms also have the money to spend on the items and work it takes to have a good bathroom. This is when bathroom renovations come in handy. Users can either perform bathroom renovations themselves, or have a professional do this for them.

When doing bathroom renovations, what does the buyer look for when getting the proper supplies for these items? There are so many different items that could be redone, or simply improved that it could take a book to fill. But for the basics of bathroom renovations, the reader should learn about the following.


bathroom floor

A buyer`s bathroom floor is an attractive feature. As soon as they walk in the bathroom, they can sense how the floor feels on their feet. And since most people don`t wear their shoes in the bathroom, it is only important that the bathroom floor is clean, and carries a new type of floor for the style.


The bathroom walls have a hole in them. The kids drew all over the walls with a crayon, and now they have to repaint the walls. Then they have to decide what type of color they want their walls to be. What type of wallpaper they would want to use, etc. And that`s just the beginning. Then the buyer has to do the work in painting the walls, installing the wallpaper. It takes a lot of time and money to have good bathroom walls.



When we go to the bathroom, 70 percent of time it is to use the toilet. Which is why the user`s current toilet needs to look good. A clean, working toilet is what matters the most to people, but has the user ever looked at how new the toilet is? Older toilets have been used by how many different people over the years? Is not time that readers get a new one?



We brush our teeth, wash our hands and even shave in our bathroom sinks. Isn`t it important that the sink works properly, looks good, and carries a clean feature to it? People get new sinks for the importance of looks, and even the drawer that it carries underneath of it. People buy new sinks because of design; therefore buyers should go about buying new bathroom sinks as they would with any item.



We all use showers (I hope), and if we consider how long our current shower has been in place, we will soon realize that it has been used thousands of time. Different people use this same shower, and the germs can actually build up in these showers if they are not replaced after a long period of time.

The point is that buyers are getting the best bathroom that money can buy. People want to save money, and with this economy, people will do whatever it takes to get bathroom renovations at a low price. A new bathroom is perfect for anybody. It just depends on how buyers want to go about doing this.

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