2013 DMZ Children's Peace Forest
& International Children's Peace Day

"You Are Invited!  March 21, 2013

Prime Minister of Australia
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President Obama

His Majesty
The King of Spain:Juan Carlos

Prime Minister of Canada

President of Czech

File:Kim Dae-jung (Cropped).png
2000 Nobel Peace Prize laureate
 President Kim Dae-jung

Since our project began, we have received support from 10 world leaders.

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International Cooperation of Environmental Youth (I.C.E.Y.)

I.C.E.Y is an international youth environmental organization that provides educational activities and tools to young people around the world with the goal of preserving our environment.  I.C.E.Y. will seek to work with various government and civic organizations as well as other environmental groups in an effort to promote humanitarian environmentalism. I.C.E.Y. believes early environmental education is critical for raising young eco-heroes for current and future generations.

Helping Out People & the Earth)

I.C.E.Y.'s Mission is to educate today’s youth toward a greater understanding of how to:

  • Promote Humanitarian Environmentalism and Education
  • Protect Clean Water Sources and Protect Forests and Wildlife
  • Promote and Practice Renewable Energy
  • Promote Healthy Nutritional Habits and Organic Foods


I.C.E.Y. Honorary Board Member
 First Lady Lee Hee Ho

I.C.E.Y. Honorary Board Member
 President Kim Dae-jung

The initial I.C.E.Y. Honorary Board Member is President Kim Dae-jung, 2000 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.  His widow, Lee Hee-ho

During the August 15, 2009, 64th Korean Independence Day celebration, President Lee Myung-bak met with U.S. young environmental story writer and I.C.E.Y. Youth Ambassador, Jonathan Lee.  The president invited Jonathan as a VIP guest to participate in the opening of the Green Growth Museum for Korea. 

I.C.E.Y. Honorary Board Member
 First Lady Kwon Yang Sook

"I couldn't be more proud of Jonathan," said Kerry. "In order for us to really have a chance at tackling this problem, we need more than just grown-ups on board.

"Kerry says Jonathan is an environmental ambassador for children around the world "

-- Christina Bellantoni, Capitol Hill correspondent, The Washington Times

Jonathan, I.C.E.Y. Youth Ambassador, in 2009 with Vice President Binay.

He is an Honorary Board Member for I.C.E.Y. - International Cooperation of Environmental Youth 
Elected the Vice President of the Philippines.

President Obama: "Young people like you inspire me and strengthen my hope for the future."

King of Spain: "His Majesty... convey[s] his...warmest regards and best wishes for the success of this event." (International Children's Peace Day)

Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard: "Your idea for a Children's Peace Forest is an ambitious one
and I do hope that one day it becomes a reality when peace is realized on the Korean peninsula.


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